A Need for Speed-Hoover & Strong TruSeat® Settings

At MJSA’s Expo New York 2005, CAD systems, laser welders, and high-tech casting machines faced tough competition from a deceptively simple new technology: Hoover & Strong’s Tru-Seat settings for princess cut stones. The winner of the show’s Best New Technology Award, the Richmond-based company’s setting attracted attention because of its promise to dramatically speed up the setting of a relatively fragile stone shape, while also reducing setting errors and costs. Continue reading

Minimize or Eliminate Breakage of Stones in V-Shaped Prongs

Setting a pear or marquise in a V-shaped prong without breaking the stone can be difficult. Moreover, the points of such stones are susceptible to damage during the course of normal wear. Certified Master Bench Jeweler Stephen Hermanson of Galloway and Moseley, Sumter, S.C., says the key to preventing damage is to avoid contact between the point of the stone and the V-shaped prong. He suggests this trick: Continue reading