Preserving the Past – Adding a Sleeve to Great-Grandmother’s Wedding Band

Precious metals are recycled time and again. When a jewelry piece is melted down, the material value remains but the history attached to the piece is lost forever. Sometimes retaining the sentimental value is more important than gaining the value of the raw materials. Continue reading

Consumer Questions Answered – Recycled Precious Metals and Gems


1. Is buying recycled jewelry just the same as buying second hand jewelry?
No. Recycled jewelry is made from precious metals that have been recycled from various sources such as scrap from jewelry manufacturing,  unwanted jewelry, electronics, dental crowns etc.

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Why Jewelry Sometimes Blackens the Skin or Clothing

Metallic Abrasion

Make-up present on the skin or clothing is the most common cause of the blackening or smudging. Cosmetics often contain chemical compounds which are harder than the jewelry itself. Metallic abrasion occurs when these hard compounds come in contact with the jewelry metals and wear or rub off very tiny particles of metal which appear as jet black dust. Continue reading