Stress Cracking and Prong Failure

Few things can be as upsetting to a jeweler as having a customer return a ring due to prong failure. In some cases, the stone has fallen out and has been lost. This causes additional problems such as replacement cost, possible damage to the jeweler’s reputation, and the likelihood of liability. Also, many pieces have sentimental value, which cannot be restored by even the most skilled craftsman. Continue reading

Preserving the Past – Adding a Sleeve to Great-Grandmother’s Wedding Band

Precious metals are recycled time and again. When a jewelry piece is melted down, the material value remains but the history attached to the piece is lost forever. Sometimes retaining the sentimental value is more important than gaining the value of the raw materials. Continue reading

Finish Line – Creating cool finishes with inexpensive tools

A subtle finish is often a very important part of the design of a jewelry piece. To build the repertoire of finishes that I use in my shop, I study and experiment. I love looking at heirloom pieces and observing the details and textures in them. When I see something that I like-a nice contrast or a subtle detail that seems to complete a piece-I invent a way of creating that finish using retrofitted or inexpensive tools.

Continue reading

The Advantage of Hoover & Strong Mill Products in Custom Fabrication

When deciding whether to fabricate or cast a ring design, the value of Hoover & Strong mill products should not be overlooked. This article will show how to combine various Hoover & Strong mill stock products to produce a custom-fabricated platinum ring. Continue reading

Working Palladium

With the resurgence and increased popularity of palladium for jewelry design and manufacturing comes the need to examine its unique working characteristics. In a series of technical briefs extracted from their evolving palladium technical manual, Johnson Mathew New York will identify the optimal manufacturing opportunities for this intriguin ‘new’ metal. Continue reading