The Advantage of Hoover & Strong Mill Products in Custom Fabrication

When deciding whether to fabricate or cast a ring design, the value of Hoover & Strong mill products should not be overlooked. This article will show how to combine various Hoover & Strong mill stock products to produce a custom-fabricated platinum ring. Continue reading

New Technologies

A good jewelry caster must be familiar with some of the basic concepts of metallurgy, ceramic science and mechanics, so that he can use these technologies for the benefit of his trade and art. Jewelry casters over the centuries have done fine work, as is attested to by gold castings done by early Egyptians, Africans and the South American Indians (Fig. 1). Continue reading

Model Making with Precision and Passion

A MAJOR PORTION OF THE JEWELRY MANUFACTURING process is affected by the quality of the master model. The way to successfully lower casting rejection rates lies in the execution of a precise master model. In lostwax casting, a design moves from model to mold to wax to investment to the final cast. Since it is inevitable that a fraction of detail will be lost at each stage, it is vital that the operation begin with the sharpest possible master model. Continue reading

Platinum Casting in a Small Shop

1. Due to the huge increase in customer demand for platinum jewelry, more and more small shops are needing to add platinum jewelry design and manufacture to their in-house services in order to stay viable. Completing jobs on time and under budget with minimal expense and with the least amount of down time has always been a hurdle for the smaller shops. Adding platinum production comes with its own set of additional hurdles…or so I was led to believe. Continue reading

Casting With Gemstones

Despite what you may think, several companies around the world are setting gemstones in waxes and casting them successfully.

The economic benefit of this process is readily evident. If you can set stones in wax and can cast with the stones in place, the stone-setting costs become more competitive with products from countries with lower wage rates.

Techniques for casting with gemstones (CWG) differ somewhat from the usual casting doctrines, so in-house experimentation is required. But the payoff is worth the effort.

This article deals with tested, proven techniques that have evolved over the past few years. Most manufacturers who do casting have the equipment required to properly perform CWG. However, model makers and casting and wax departments will be required to work together and share information for the process to be effective. Continue reading