How To Get Higher Returns

All packages should have a letter or note stating the scrap weights. Special instructions regarding the settlement options must be in writing (preferably not written on the package). Due of the high cost of assaying, WE DO NOT ASSAY FOR ALL PRECIOUS METALS UNLESS REQUESTED. This includes platinum, so please tell us what metals you work with. If you send us 50 oz. of material or more, we automatically assay for silver, because of the silver alloyed in 14K gold. It is usually not worth the extra refining charge to recover the silver in karat gold from smaller lots, unless you work a lot with silver and think it contains at least 4-5 ozs. Continue reading

Increase Your Bottom Line by Selling to Hoover

Hoover Refining, a division of Hoover & Strong, Inc, has been in business for almost 100 years. Jay Hoover started the company in 1912 by collecting elements from industrial lightbulbs and refining the platinum. We have become a leader in the industry and are very proud to offer refining services. If YOU ARE A JEWELER, please visit the Refining Section at, created specifically for jewelers, for all YOUR refining needs. Continue reading