Using TruSeat® System

The beauty of our TruSeat® System is that it includes several setting types and accommodates different diamond shapes for quick and easy setting. The system is engineered to accommodate 90% of all diamond sizes and shapes.

Less time is required by skilled jewelers and less skill is needed to produce consistent results. Expertise is designed into the TruSeat® System. Jewelers have reduced material cost, less labor AND improved quality with consistent dimensions every time.

TruSeat® is an ideal fit for most stone sizes. Seat depth is based upon stone crown height. In addition, the seat is cut 30% into the prongs to accommodate the stone girdle. Even with uneven girdles and odd dimensions, most of the cutting is done. There is little finishing needed on prong tips — round off the ends with a cup burr or safety file and polish.

TruSeat® Reduces Labor By 85%
Our TruSeat® System provides a significant reduction of labor with our high quality settings. No longer does the jeweler have to measure, scribe depth lines as well as insure all seats are of equal depth and on the same plane. With our pre-cut seats, you get standard depth with maximum stone security and the total setting time is significantly reduced.

TruSeat® Reduces Waste
Metal cost is reduced with TruSeat®. With our pre-cut seats, the metal is already removed; youʼre only paying for gold that you need.

The TruSeat® settings are offered in a wide range of setting selections including earrings, pendants, and solitaires; even in hard-to-set princess, marquise and pear shapes. Following are instructions on how to use our TruSeat® System for different diamond shapes and styles.

  1. Measure the stone to be set; select the proper size setting and pre-polish the setting. Next, place the gem table-down on the Plexiglas setting block and put the finding directly over the gem.
  2. Firmly press until the diamond clicks into the bearing. For princess shape, be sure the stone is flush with the bottom of the seat. For the princess solitaire, hold the solitaire by the shank and press the stone into the setting with the point of the stone into the “V” prongs until the stone reaches the bottom of the seat and is level. To avoid abrasion, make sure there are no fillings or other debris between the gem and the block. Then make sure that the gem is level and seated evenly.
  3. For the earring settings, place the post in the hole of the Plexiglas setting block. The base of the earring setting rests on the surface of the block. For the solitaires, inspect to be sure the gem is evenly set and has reached the bottom of the seat and then place on a mandrel.
  4. Now you are ready to fold the prongs over the gem. For the round shape, use the TruSeat® Setter-A provided in the kit; for princess shape, use TruSeat® Setter-B from the kit. Choose the correct end of the punch for your size of stone. Place the TruSeat® setterʼs punch squarely over the prongs. Align the punch so itʼs perpendicular over the setting and gemstone. Gently tap the punch in order to bend all the prongs over the stone. If the stone is still loose, use a side-to-side circular motion to tighten the prongs further. Shape, if desired, the prongs and polish.

Copyright® 2006 Fred Klotz