Hoover Azure® Anniversary Bands

The Hoover Azure® Anniversary Band is the highest quality ring of its kind.
Made to exacting specifications, these rings will enhance your diamonds and
stones to their ultimate beauty. Our line includes the non-azure anniversary
ring which is a less expensive alternative than our Azure® styles.

1. Why order a Hoover Azure® Anniversary Band?
Azure is an Egyptian/Arabic word meaning clear sky or light. Our Hoover Azure® is the little pyramid in the underside of the anniversary ring. The Azure®, or the pyramid shape, was originally handcut by European goldsmiths. This process was later perfected by the Baker Eichmuller Company to enhance the diamond’s brilliance. They recognized that the consumer buys the anniversary band to showcase the diamonds. Therefore, the Azure®, is designed to help the facets exploit their optical properties to increase the
diamond’s brilliance, the dispersion of fire and to heighten its white color.

The structure of the pyramid Azure® also reduces the weight of the ring, while at the same time, the cross of the azures strengthen the band.

Don’t settle for less than the Hoover Azure® Anniversary Band. These seamless die-struck anniversary bands require very little polishing, resulting in minimal gold loss and reduced labor costs. This, of course increases your profitability. The superior quality of these die-struck rings is apparent when compared to others.

2. Measuring Instructions
We urge you to know the millimeter size of the stones you intend to set before you order your ring. In doing so, you will be assured of perfect fit, hence a beautiful ring. We recommend using a Leveridge auge for accuracy of measurement. After determining the millimeter size of your stones, refer to the diamond conversion chart on page 14). Many times, the mm size of the diamonds does not match the carat weight ordered; accordingly we suggest that you use the diamond size blank that your diamond measures in millimeters. An example of this would be as follows; you have .12 diamonds that measure 3mm each which is actually the measurement for .10 diamonds. Order your ring
to accommodate .10 diamonds since the drilling is measured for 3 mm stones. You will now create the “girdle to girdle” look that is desired in this type ring.

3. Before Ordering
Our seamless die-struck anniversary bands are offered in a broad range of popular diamond sizes from .015 to .15 carat. The diamond size is shown in the Ct Size column of each style.

The “Stn Qty” column is the total number of stones each ring will hold according to the finger size and total weight. When a ring is completely azured, channeled and drilled, this quantity cannot be changed.

When a ring is described as part way channeled and drilled, or part way prong cut, you may order for any number of stones “within” the “Stn Qty” range. The greater number in this column is the total number of azures or stones and when this number is requested the ring becomes a completely azured, channeled and drilled ring as described above.
All Azure® anniversary bands are available in full and half finger sizes 4 through 10 1/2.
Rings that have a non-azured or solid base shank may be karat stamped and trademarked for an additional $.20 each. We will use our trademark or yours. Your trademark stamp will carry a one time production charge usually ranging from $200 to $300, depending on its complexity. Please call if you have any questions at all. Our knowledgeable account representatives will be pleased to assist you.

4. Ordering Instructions
When ordering you need to know the style, total weight, finger size, or how many diamonds you want the ring drilled for. If you have any questions, our account representatives will be happy to help you. To ensure quick and error free orders, please order rings in this sequence: Quantity — Karat — Color — Style — Qty of Dias — Finger Size.




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