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Lost Wax Casting: Off its Precious Pedestal

With recent high and currently uncertain precious metal prices, many manufactures who cast using the lost wax process are turning to non-precious, copper based alloys to produce high quality casting. Similarly, many costume manufacturers are beginning to look closely at the possibility of moving from white metal spin casting to lost wax casting for greater…

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Wax Works

By casting diamond jewelry with stones already set, US manufacturers save not only time and money but also sales. No one bothered to tell department store quality inspector Bill Hoefer about the secret new weapon that American jewelry makers are counting on to stem the tide of business lost to Asia. He just stumbled on…

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Model-Making An Ancient Art Steps into the 90’s

Is model-making in the jewelry industry a vanishing art or an emerging science ? The answer varies depending on which industry segment you explore. The rapid development of technology to handle many parts of tool and die creation has, in many cases, replaced skilled toolmakers and modelmakers with trained technicians operating complex machinery .

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Understanding Casting Grain

Today, High-qulaity, pre-alloyed casting grain is available in various karats and colors to satisfy jewelers’ investment casting needs. Color variation is quite simply a function of chemical composition where the relative contents of silver and copper play a major role in determining not only the color of the alloy, but also other characteristics such as…

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TruPdTM 950 Palladium – The New White Metal

TruPd™ is the inexpensive option to Platinum and the superior product to White Gold that jewelers have been waiting for. It is suitable for all general fabrication techniques, and can withstand high levels of deformation between anneals. TruPd™ is Pure, White, Precious and Strong.

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Moving Metal Molds

In an age where productivity and consistency can determine whether a jewelry piece is profitable or not, many manufacturers are discovering a technique first explored during the rubber shortages of world war 2 – the use of metal instead of rubber to create molds.

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