Category: Repair and Soldering

Restoring a Hollow Bangle

Jewelry brought in for repair reflects the increasingly competitive marketplace for inexpensive fine jewelry. With care, however, you can repair it and keep your customer happy. A word of caution: The procedures shown here represent standard practices commonly used by jewelers across the country. Nonetheless, working with acids, solvents, torches, sharp tools, spinning tools, etc.…

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Soldering 101 – Tips

Soldering is a skill that all bench jewelers master at an early stage in their career. Although this process soon becomes second nature, sometimes itʼs good to review the basic principles involved to remind ourselves why we do certain things. Remember, an ideal soldered joint must be strong, but at the same time invisible.

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Silver Shank

Before they invented garbage disposals, we jewelers had it easy. But since the ’50s, when the industrial revolution invaded the kitchen sink, we have been fighting back in the war against home convenience devices that eat jewelry and flatware.

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