Increase Your Bottom Line by Selling to Hoover

Hoover Refining, a division of Hoover & Strong, Inc, has been in business for almost 100 years. Jay Hoover started the company in 1912 by collecting elements from industrial lightbulbs and refining the platinum. We have become a leader in the industry and are very proud to offer refining services. If YOU ARE A JEWELER, please visit the Refining Section at, created specifically for jewelers, for all YOUR refining needs.

A Refiner You Can Trust
Our reputation has been based on honesty, high quality products and service to our customers. We are committed to being the most reliable refiner in the business, providing
our customers with competitive prices, fast delivery and exceptional personal service.
The term refining, as used in this business, refers to the process we use to free metal from impurities or unwanted material. Many types of companies including jewelry manufacturers and jewelry stores use our refining services. By sending us their scrap
metal, they are able to save money and make money, which in turn increases their

You Get 100% Of Market On All ACCOUNTABLE REFINED Metals
Our commitment to giving our customers honest and fair returns allowed us to grow and become an industry leader in refining gold, platinum, silver and palladium.

We also pride ourselves in being “environmentally-friendly” with our refining processes, and are committed to exceeding all federal, state and local environment regulations.

Don’t sell your old jewelry and other precious metal to a middle man, when you can
receive TOP dollar from your friends at Hoover Refining!
Create a New Profit Center
You can buy scrap from your customers to:
1) Increase traffic into your store.
2) Increase ticket item by using scrap as credit at 110% value
3) Create additional profits by buying scrap at 25% less than refining value.

Advertise that your customers can trade in their old jewelry or other scrap metal FOR CASH! Hoover Refining will buy old gold, platinum, silver and diamond scrap jewelry. This can include engagement rings, earrings, bracelets, gold metal watches, foreign gold coins, sterling silver flatware, candlesticks and a lot more!

Almost anything with precious metal content can be refined, and that means CASH
in your pocket today!

START SENDING US YOUR SCRAP METAL TODAY, and begin to reap the many rewards of REFINING!

Gold, silver, platinum & palladium scrap
Dental scrap – crowns/bridges
Placer Gold
Benchsweeps, filings, polishings, filters & emery
Photo silver & flake
Platinum thermocouple wire
Watch batteries (silver oxide only)
Optical scrap
Gold filled scrap

Plating solutions
Amalgam (dental silver)
Computer/Electronic parts
Electrical switches/Circuits
Plated silver & pewter
Silver solders w/cadmium
Silver nitrate

• “Hoover & Strong has been our principal refiner for as long as I can recall, because of their honesty and integrity.”
Max Bartikowsky, Owner, Bernard Bartikowsky Inc.
Wilkes-Barre, PA

• “We have dealt with Hoover & Strong for many years and haven’t found an equal for integrity and accuracy.”
Chris Ahee, Vice President
Edmund Ahee Jewelers
Grosse Pointe, MI

• “We periodically send samples to more than one refiner for comparison (everyone claims to pay the most) and have always found Hoover & Strong to be the most reliable in the business.”
Van Dempsey, President Vans Pawn Mart
Macon Georgia

• “We’ve been clients of Hoover & Strong for over 20 years. They have never failed to give the best return for scrap and make it very convenient to order mill products and findings.”
John R. Keim, President,
Richards and West Rochester, NY.

• “Hoover & Strong has been our gold refiner and supplier through eight decades. At all times your organization has given us impeccable performance and delivery…”
Gerald “Jerry” A. Davis
Davis Diamond Designs, Marion, Ohio




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