The Adjustable Ring System*

With this product every ring can be expandable — even eternity bands. The Adjustable Ring System has two components: a two-piece hinge and an expansion piece. The innovative design allows the jeweler to keep the whole ring by applying this mechanism to the inside of the ring. You only purchase the “system”, not the ring shank.
No part of the ring is discarded! Now you can keep the intricate design on the shank and still fit from finger size 5 to 13!

Adjustable Ring System Assembly Procedure

1. Place the hinge mechanism first, cutting a groove in the inside wall of the shank at approximately 9 o’clock (where the stones are 12 o’clock) using a cylinder bur. Adjust this groove until the hinge fits securely in it, neither too loose, nor too tight.

2. The expansion piece is then placed in the shank at 3 o’clock, opposite the hinge section. Use a round edge wheel bur to cut the groove for the expansion piece. Place the groove from just above the 3 o’clock mark down to a spot just before 6 o’clock. As with the hinge the expansion groove must be adjusted during cutting to ensure the best possible fit between the expansion piece and its groove.

3. The ring shank is then cut in half through the 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock positions.

4. The hinge can now be soldered onto the top shank half and checked for proper alignment with the lower half. To do this place the steel hinge pin back in the
hinge so that the solder doesn’t flow back into the catch as you solder the hinge in place. After soldering remove the steel pin.

5. Next, with the two shank halves clamped together and the steel pin reinserted into the hinge for alignment, solder the center section of the hinge onto
the lower shank half.

6. At this point you can remove the inside pin from the expansion piece and set it aside. Place the outer sleeve section of the expansion piece in the groove that was cut in step 2 above. Balance the sleeve in the channel and tack solder it into place. Reinsert the pin
into its sleeve.

7. Put the two ring parts back together, checking to ensure proper alignment at the 3 o’clock position.

8. Once alignment is verified put the hinge pin back in the hinge and open and close the ring to make sure the parts fit together properly. You should hear a clean “snap” when the ring comes closed.

9. Installation is now complete. All that remains is to exchange a gold hinge pin for the steel one, double check the hinge to make sure it’s soldered solidly, and to file smooth any parts that might snag. And you’re done!

* Patent Pending




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