Polish Hard to Reach Places Quickly and Easily

3M Adalox paper-backed aluminum oxide sanding discs are used routinely by a majority of bench jewelers. In addition to using them for sanding, Jeffrey Mathews, CMBJ, of Jeffrey Mathews Designs, Dallas, uses them as a polishing device to reach narrow, hard-to-get areas of his fabricated pieces. Here’s how you can perform his trick:

  1. Reverse a standard sanding disc on its mounting mandrel.
  2. Apply pressure evenly with another coarse sanding disc to the backside of a standard sanding disc while it’s mounted and spinning.
  3. Apply polishing compound. (Step #2 has roughed up the paper surface, allowing it to hold a charge of polishing compound.)
  4. Finish it-the backside is now ready for pre-finishing and finishing of hard-to-reach areas on an article of jewelry.

3M brass-center snap-on sanding disc products are available through most bench tool and equipment suppliers.

Benefits for the Working Bench Jeweler

  1. Makes a nearly impossible task possible. It allows polishing access to extremely hard-to-reach areas.
  2. Allows you to offer a cost savings to your customer: The technique retains high quality and saves significant polishing time, yet the charges for the service remain the same.
  3. Continuing education. This technique will be helpful to anyone taking the practical bench tests of the JA Bench Jeweler Certification program.

JCK, September 2000
Mark B. Mann

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