Adjusto Shank®

The Adjusto Shank® is a truly adjustable shank that enables the wearer to put a ring on any finger and have it fit comfortably. Unlike other hinged shanks that have a fixed size when closed, Hoover & Strong’s Adjusto Shank® can be adjusted to many sizes. Here is how to put it together:

1. Slide the Adjusto Shank® to the closed position.

2. Hold both shanks firmly against one another, preferably on a mandrel, and mark above the joint where to cut the shank.

Cut shank at accurate angle and align with the Adjusto Shank®. Then solder the joint.

3. With the aid of a flexible shaft and appropriate selected wheels, shape the
soldered joint to the same width as the applied shank.

4. Lightly buff both the inside and outside of the soldered part. The sliding action of the Adjusto Shank® can be opened or closed very easily by the person wearing the ring.

After you have put a Hoover & Strong Adjusto Shank® on a ring, simply slide the shank to its full open position turning the ring sideways on the finger. Next turn the ring until the setting is on top, then slide shank closed for a firm and comfortable fit. Now, you have transformed a fixed size ring to a variable size ring that can be worn on any size finger.

This is the only adjustable ring shank that enables a ring to become interchangeable from finger to finger or hand to hand. Furthermore your customers have a ring that they can be proud to show their family and friends.



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